Top 10 Reasons I Could Never be the Mayor of New York City

Recently, the New York Times featured an article profiling a short list of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's potential successors. Governor Rendell was featured on the list and quoted as saying, "Running for mayor of New York didn't sit well with me."

Apparently that was not enough, so the Governor has assembled a "Top 10 List" that you can read below...

10. I can't be Mayor of NYC and root for the Eagles and Phillies
9. I donít look as good in casual clothes as Mayor Bloomberg does
8. Dealing with a 17 member City Council in Philadelphia was tough enough, New York has 51!
7. There's no Rocky statue in New York; No Rudy statue either
6. New York City cabbies make their Philadelphia counterparts look like driving instructors
5. I couldn't win an arm wrestling match with Gov. Christie to settle who owns the Statue of Liberty
4. No one in NYC knows what a "hoagie" is. I think "subs" are used by the Navy
3. No one in NYC knows what a mummer is
2. The Phillie Phanatic is a much better mascot than Mr. Met
1. I can't get a real cheesesteak in NYC - they actually use good meat and real cheese!